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[TRENDY #52] Special Date with Kim Woo Bin @ Taiwan




Source: TRENDY #52, this interview

Translator: me, for wywrd

Notes: Some of the Chinese just cannot be translated, so I’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase. As usual, please credit if taking out.



[scan credit: nc182]

Special Date with Kim Woo Bin @ Taiwan

With his endearing…

i ended up reading the translated version rather than the original.  XD

excellent translation! i enjoyed the reading.

thank you! hurhur. I’ve added the picture credit too :)


GIF 1: He says ‘I love you more than anyone else’ in Chinese

GIF 2: He explains the meaning in korean

GIF 3: “I’m not saying it to you”

GIF 4: “I’m studying now”

NAUGHTY woobin

Kim Ji Won says Choi Young Do her ideal type





I just can’t take her seriously, cause she really isn’t giving of a vibe of liking him at all. At PC she looked like a peasant girl standing next to a guy who killed all of her goats, and she never  posted a single pic with him despite working so often with him. She couldn’t wait to post KHN selca fast enough tho. I even sometimes think KES dropped the storyline about Young Do and Rachel cause KJW didn’t wanna have to work with KWB any more.

Even he, and he can fake anything, never ever mentions her, that’s how awkward their relationship was.

Just weird.

Ahh, Woobluv my old friend.

I can’t care for your deluded theories, just, don’t ever call me a friend again. Not after crap you pulled.

But she was your friend, I still remember those good old days